Welcome to our vacation home
in the Flemish Ardennes

Bon Vivants,
nature lovers,
… old and young…

We are delighted to welcome you op ‘t Roth!
The renovations have been finished June 2019
and so we proudly present to you our new holiday home.
With beds made for 6 people you can relax in the splendour of the Flemish Ardennes.
Come and enjoy the rural Welden, at cycling distance from Oudenaarde centre,
surrounded by fields and with a view on the Schelde!

Op ’t Roth originated from the instant holiday feeling that we can experience ourselves
when we step out in the morning and hear the birds whistle…
Or if we enjoy the beautiful nature and the blissful silence in the evening on the terrace…
Or if we step on the bike and immediately smile at each other and say “This is holiday!”
We hope you can experience this holiday feeling too!

Love to see you soon!
Kurt & Eline
Mirthe, Briek en Miel

Rothstraat 2, 9700 Welden – Oudenaarde
+3255303901 or +32486356868 or welkom@optroth.be